Grand Theft T.A.R.D.I.S

Rage Against the, well, everyone

It has been almost a month since I have ran this so I may be fuzzy on the details.

The group’s time-ship crash landed outside of present day downtown Indianapolis Indiana. The perception filter rendered it virtually invisible to the people in the area on their way to work.

They decided to leave it for the time being and try and find out where and when they exactly were. They walked a few blocks and a small door opened as Jenny walked by it. She peered inside and it was bigger than it should have been. She had actually found a TARDIS! It was in horrible shape. Jenny and Doctor Constance poked and prodded at the console when it flashed to life. A view screen showed that whoever owned the TARDIS was monitoring a Space/Time rift in the center of the city. They shrugged this off for the moment.

Bart decided to go wander the TARDIS. He found numerous rooms including a large wardrobe where he concluded that the person that wore these clothes smelled an awful lot like Jenny.

Meanwhile Mark decided that he was hungry and wandered off to find food at a restaurant he noticed down the street earlier. When he got there, the place was swarmed by police. There were what appeared to be large splatters of blood on the windows. He immediately went back to tell his friends.

They decided to wait until the police activity died down and snuck into the back. Bart found an office and watched the security tape. He saw a man enter the restaurant and then everyone around him started to fight and rip each other apart. the man then proceeded to lick up the blood.

They all searched around for a little while when Bart picked up a strange scent. they followed it for a little while when they were attached by some feral acting humans. They dispatched them and continued the trail. They caught up with the strange man and he emitted a weird pheromone that caused them to want to fight each other. They shrug it off and continued. Jenny ran back to the ship and grabbed some gas masks for everyone before they continued.

They saw the man enter a night club, Jenny fired her laser pistol at him and the shot went right through him leaving him unaffected. At that point the club cleared out as people were running and screaming in all directions. They followed the man into the kitchen of the club. Mark scanned the man and discovered he was vulnerable to sodium chloride. A fight ensued and ended with the man on the floor covered in 20 pounds of salt.

They decided to leave before the police showed up and they headed back to the TARDIS to see what they could do to get her running again.

Past Adventures

Jenny Smith, The Doctor’s daughter left her home planet of Messaline in search of adventure. along the way she has picked up a rag tag group of friends. Doctor Cornelius Constance, a 19th century Scientician, Doctor Mark Forest, a medical doctor from the 21st century, and Bart an alien dog from the Sirius system sent to Earth to scout it out.
Along the way they met up with Dalyn, a man from a primitive planet who worshipped the Cybermen as gods.

They have fought Daleks, Cybermen and their own eccentricities to arrive on 21st century Earth where they are currently trying to fix a broken TARDIS.


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