Dr. Cornelius Constance

19th-century scientician from Earth, exposed to time travel by a 51st-century Time Agent


Born in the latter half of the 19th century in Kansas, on Earth, Cornelius became very interested in the sciences while in school. The new learning fascinated him and he learned as much as he could about as many scientific and engineering disciplines as he could, achieving his doctorates from Northwestern University.

Shortly after leaving the University, Dr. Cornelius became acquainted with a strange man with strange ideas about the way the universe worked. After working together off and on over the course of several years, the man confided in Dr. Cornelius that he was from the 51st Century; a Time Agent in pursuit of a criminal. At their last encounter, the man was killed, as was his quarry. He passed onto Cornelius a device he called a sonic screwdriver and his vortex manipulator. Dr. Cornelius left behind the backwards society of 19th century Earth to explore the universe.

While he has since lost the vortex manipulator, Dr. Cornelius still travels time and space with a new companion: a young woman named Jenny who says she’s The Doctor’s daughter. Dr. Cornelius has never met The Doctor, but plans to stay at Jenny’s side for as long as he can.

Famous Quotes
“Whoops! I probably shouldn’t have pressed that button. But, at least now we know what it does!”
“Quiet! I’m doing SCIENCE!”
“I need to investigate this…FOR SCIENCE!”

Dr. Cornelius Constance

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